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My first car was a manual 1997 Civic HX that made 40MPG. I'm currently driving a manual 2015 Mazda 6 (the third Mazda 6 in the family, now).
I'll take a 6-speed, please


An SSD and getting a good amount of ram is always worth it. Those two can bottleneck even a $500 CPU. Personally, I'm a windows guy; the ability to swap in and out hardware, cpus, motherboards, and gpus freely, and at market price, is must.
Intel, NVidia, SSDs, and 16gb of RAM


Went from the OG Galaxy S1, then picked up the Galaxy Nexus, now I'm on a Nexus 5.
Nexus or Bust


I have no idea how I made it as far as I did without budgeting. Seriously life-changing stuff.
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You need a budget


I rode a little 125 when I lived in Seoul, South Korea.
1 Down, 5 Up


I have an acoustic and an electric. Classical is great, but I'm working on bluegrass and gypsy style these days.
Saint-Saens: Bacchanale


I know most of my chords and am just starting riffs. I live in my father's shadow.
I'm a Fender guy